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For block paving services in Bristol and the surrounding area look no further than A P Clark and son. As experienced & professional landscapers, we have the skills and equipment to install beautiful yet functional paved driveways and a range of other services for domestic and commercial properties.

Whether you require a new driveway or a beautifully designed patio, uniquely designed to your preferences, there is no project too big or small. As a family run business, established in 1890, we have built up a very strong reputation for installing block paving of very high quality.

We source materials in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles so that you can tailor your choice to create the most suitable design and functionality for your new driveway. Book your driveway in for a revamp with us and contact us today.

Types Of Block Paving

With many types of designs and materials being available, we can design and install a driveway that complements your house perfectly. The various types means that having your driveway built this way makes it a highly versatile method for hard landscaping. The varieties we use include:

Block Paving Driveways

Whilst other forms of driveway are functional, there is no better method than block paving for being both durable and the most aesthetically pleasing option. With various intricate & unique designs possible, our expert team can create beautiful & long lasting patterns that will enhance the look of your home instantly.

With your driveway typically being at the front of your home, it is often people’s first impression of your property which is why it can be important to have a beautifully designed driveway. If you’re looking for a traditional, heritage style aesthetic, the cobble stone & Sett variations are perfect for producing a rustic look. However, for a much more modern and contemporary design to complement your property our concrete slabs can be placed to create any design type you require.

Pur clay pavers create a much more traditional driveway aesthetic, creating a brick red aesthetic to blend in with your neighbourhood perfectly.

Types Of Block Paving

With many types of designs and materials available, our expert team can design and install a driveway that really complements your home perfectly. The various types of block paving we use means that you can tailor your driveway to your exact needs and style preferences whilst creating a versatile space. Block paving is a great hard landscaping method to get the most out of your driveway.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers, also known as paving stones, are a popular choice for outdoor flooring. Pavers, like tiles, come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colours and are delivered to the job site ready to be installed.

Pavers are often laid on top of a compacted soil and sand base. Concrete pavers have a permeable surface that allows water to pass through because there is no grout between the seams. Our expert staff will install them so that your driveway continues to look great for many years to come.

Clay Pavers

Clay pavers are the original form of block paving, or brick paving as it was formerly known. Clay pavers offer a choice of laying technique – flexible paving or rigid paving. Clay pavers are great for creating decorative driveways as they are as durable as they are decorative. With rich brown colours and creative ways to lay them, clay paver driveways really make the driveway stand out.


A Sett, also known as a block or Belgian block, is a quarried stone that is used to pave roads and walkways. Setts were once widely used, especially on steeper roadways where they gave better grip for horses’ hooves than a smooth surface, but they are now more commonly seen as beautiful stone paving in landscape architecture.


Cobbles are big pebbles that have been polished by water over time. They are gathered on the bed streams where they can be found. Many stones are mined and shaped, whereas cobblestone is produced and shaped naturally.

Cobblestone paving will outlast nearly any other material, and it has a distinct “old world” character that can add significant charm and value to a fine home.

Block Paving Pathways

As well as custom driveways, we also install bespoke pathways for both residential properties and commercial buildings. With some being to create decorative paths through your garden to full commercial pathways outside of office buildings and corporate properties. We offer a complete service from the groundwork and removal of any old materials, right through to adding the final touches to your new design so that you rest assured you are left with a fantastic looking pathway. Our services also include the installation of kerbs and edging stones to create a professional finish.

Paving Contractors

With many years of experience working with block paving, our expert team has the skills to provide high quality installations. For contractors look no further than A P Clark & Son. We are able to offer help and advice on any project you may have including patios, tarmac driving and commercial surfacing.

Frequnetly Asked Questions

The ideal sand for block paving joints is kiln-dried sand. It’s very fine sand that has been dried in a kiln to remove all of the water before usage.

Sealing block paving is a fantastic choice since it protects your paving and the investment you made in your home while also guaranteeing that your driveway or patio stays in great shape for many years to come.

Simply Pavement constantly recommends that you pave your driveway with the proper paving. Block paving is developed primarily for vehicle overrun and is extremely durable. We also think it’s the most appealing way to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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