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Having a beautifully designed patio in your garden can really enhance the look and feel of your space. At AP. Clark we design and install patios in Bristol and the surrounding areas in gardens of all shapes and sizes. Give your garden a space to dine, relax and entertain guests.

Our professional landscaping team will install a bespoke patio area using a wide range of materials that include block paving to much more decorative slabs to suit your home and style.

Whether you prefer a more traditional aesthetic or are looking to renovate the area with a more chic & modern feel, we design and create the ideal place for you and your family to enjoy. Our quality workmanship is renowned for being exactly to the customers requirements and at a competitive price.

We strive to work within your budget to ensure your new patio space meets all of your needs and style. For more information, contact our team to enquire.

Patio Paving

With patio paving, our team can create a one-of-a-kind space that will completely alter your garden. We can obtain block paving and slabs in a variety of sizes, colours, and designs, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your home. We can assist you choosing the appropriate type for your needs, from sandstone to something more durable like concrete.

Patio Installers

Our patio contractors have decades of expertise installing patios in Bristol and the surrounding regions. We can remove the old asphalt, prepare the ground, and level the area if necessary. We can also build patios in unusually shaped gardens and add steps if the installation is on an elevated level.

Planning Your Patio

When planning your new patio, one of the most important decisions is the position of the patio in your garden. Typically, a traditional patio sits outside the backdoor of your property allowing for easy transition to and from your home.

Patios can also be nice areas to sit out and enjoy the weather, which is why many choose to have the patio installed in a sun trapped space in the garden. Considering shelter and privacy too, adding fencing, walls or other screens can be possible but will depend on where you want the patio situated.

Planning Your Patio

When considering having a patio installed, there are many additional options that may benefit your patio and garden long term. In order to keep your patio looking neat and tidy as well as protecting it’s condition you may decide on having a weed membrane installed. This will prevent weeds growing through the jointing giving your patio a much neater look.

Patio edging and jointing compound are also options to improve the overall aesthetic look of your patio. Edging stones help to define the boundary of your patio from the rest of the garden. Equally these can be matched to the jointing compound to give a more uniform look and feel whilst making your patio much more secure so the slabs don’t move too much when stepped on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Washed concrete sand is the ideal base sand for pavers, according to the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. Concrete sand, sometimes referred to as bedding sand, is gritty and does not hold moisture beneath the paver surface.

Poured concrete is the most cost-effective per square foot in terms of installation and concrete prices. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, offer more value and durability than poured concrete and stamped concrete, despite their higher initial cost.

Calculating the size of a square or rectangular patio is simple. All you have to do is double the width and length of the area you want to pave. After that, you’ll have a paveable space.

  • Concrete paving slabs.
  • Natural stone paving.
  • Porcelain paving.
  • Block paving.
In order to maintain everything is to scale, the greater your paved area is, the larger the slabs should be. Huge patio slabs in a small space make the space appear smaller than it is, and tiny cobbles over a large expanse will appear a little off-kilter.
Installing a patio can vary in cost depending on the size and materials required. The majority of the cost comes from the type of stone you decide on and if any additional extras are required. Contact us for a quote.

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